Virtual reality is coming

Virtual reality is coming

Virtual reality is coming in our daily life. Apple announced the improvement of virtual device as iphone 8 and X seems like that Augmented Reality will be a part of our lives as Tv Radio and Internet before, so be prepared. In the meanwhile i’m learning Blender  that is a free sofware, a bit hard to start with but it allows to do almost everything form modeling to animation and VR

in conclusion stay tuned  something is gonna happen

and here my last rendered animation hope you like it

Stop motion animation MadHead


Stop motion animation Madhead

Hello dear fellow! today i’m gonna present my first ever stop motion animation MadHead!

It took time to make puppet and set. The story is just 12 seconds, it is aout a skeleton puppet that looks for his mad head and a little lonely hand that tries  to privent from taking it.



take a look and enjoy!!


here some advices if you want to make a stop motion.

  1. write down the story
  2. set the light and camera
  3. never do a stop motion if you don’t have enough power in the dslr battery, even better if you have an Ac adapter for your cam!

what you do you think about? please write down a comment or sign guest book, let me know that you passed by here!