Virtual reality is coming

Virtual reality is coming

Virtual reality is coming in our daily life. Apple announced the improvement of virtual device as iphone 8 and X seems like that Augmented Reality will be a part of our lives as Tv Radio and Internet before, so be prepared. In the meanwhile i’m learning Blender  that is a free sofware, a bit hard to start with but it allows to do almost everything form modeling to animation and VR

in conclusion stay tuned  something is gonna happen

and here my last rendered animation hope you like it

Blender car crash simulation

Blender car crash simulation

this is a blender car crash simulation

with this amazing 3d software i did this simulation adding a rigid and soft body to the basic car mesh

this tool is really powerfull but needs a lot of tweaks to work properly

the soft body simulation is unfortunately really heavy for normal pc but i did the same with my notebook, i’m learning how to avoid and be faster with other kind of simulation as rigid body because they are really faster to calculate by any pc


at this stage i’m improving and when i will master this kind of stuff i will share my own tecnique on some tutorials

if you are interested in this kind of stuff let me know and leave a  comment about what you would like to learn

here you can find the car model mesh i used Pontiac 

you need to do some changes to the mesh because it is too high poly

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